February 15, 2006

The following things can fuck off today…

  • People at work who want things doing ten minutes ago
  • Coming home to find a letter from the bank saying they’re gonna chop my balls off cos I owe them money, then calling to sort out a “payment schedule” only to end up on the line with some patronising little blob of monkey spunk.
  • My brother having a seizure all the way up in Hull and I can do sweet fuck all from down here in Derby.
  • Students
  • Women

I am so tired it’s not even funny. I’m starting to hallucinate.

So much for doing a serious run tonight. Did 15 mins last night though, so I can feel slightly justified in having a lazy night and a few beers.

If my lecturer fucks me off tomorrow however, I will kick her fucking minge off.

Good night.



  1. really i shouldnt be posting as i fall under the category of women adn student.

    hows your brother doing?
    you should try some beroccas or a-z vitamins if your tired. i just started on some and hopefully they will make me less tired!

  2. Ha ha, feel free to post Maz…

    My bro is OK. He went home yesterday, looking like he’d gone 10 rounds with Tyson but generally alright.

    I reckon before I try pills to combat the tiredness, I should try getting to sleep before 1am if I insist on getting up at 5.30am! But cheers for the tip, I’ll bare it in mind.

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