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Sweaty bastard

February 6, 2006

In some sort of bizarre, late New Years resolution type thang, I have started running (and I’m not the only one), so I will sporadically regale you with tales upon my return from my evening sojourns around the streets of Derby

I’d not actually been since last Weds, so tonight was a little bit of a struggle, but I still managed to tack an extra five minutes on the end (uphill no less!), making a grand total of 15 mins and 1.34 miles. OK, it may not sound that great, but for a guy who has always been “big” and who sits on on arse designing all day, it aint bad.

Nearly snapped my pissing ankle though going down a curb. That’ll teach me to run near building sites with uneven ground.

Anyway, shower time.