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Where next…?

February 12, 2006

My FdA course is nearly at an end and I am now facing the ultimate question; Do I stay on to top it up to a BA or do I leave and get some work? The FdA is a minimum of two years, so I could leave in June with an FdA qualification and go out job hunting or do an extra optional year and leave with a BA(Hons).

Ladies & gentlemen of the jury, the case for leaving…

  • The organisation is an utter joke. I have spent the last two years being tacked onto the FdA Photo/Video modules and so have been taught almost exclusively by photographers and videographers. There have been numerous occasions where lecturers didn’t even know they had FdA New Media student in their lectures.
  • My course leader really doesn’t seem bothered about us. There are only three of us on the course and we just get forgotten about.
  • None of the tutors seem to communicate. We took on a major (and I mean major) piece of work at the end of last year which we were told (by the course leader) could be put towards one of this semesters modules. The module leader, on the other hand, wants an extensive file of research into a particular subject area – nothing at all like the job we took on! There seems to have been a major communication breakdown and the course leader doesn’t seem to know what will be expected of us for each module. It’s their fucking job to know!
  • I will have spent nearly £3,000 on tuition fees for a course run by utter cretins.

And the argument for staying on…

  • It’ll get me a BA
  • Its only another 7 months of shit to put up with

Likely scenario is that I will leave this summer with the intention of working for a year. Then I will reassess my position and if I’m happy and settled in a job, I’ll carry on indefinitely. If I’m finding it hard to land a job without the hallowed BA, I may have to grit my teeth and go back to study.

Time will tell, my friends.


So it all begins

February 5, 2006

Good evening all. Been meaning to sort a proper WordPress out for ages, but until I have the cash to get myself some decent hosting, this’ll have to do.

I guess this little blog will be more of a document of where I am now work wise. I am in my second year at Uni and working at the students union as a graphic designer/web developer, whilst still being stupid enough to take on loads of extra work as well as trying to learn various languages/software.

So, where am I at the moment? Currently on my bookshelf, I have tomes on PHP, MySQL, Apache, Flash, JavaScript, Dreamweaver and CSS. Now, I’d like to think I’m OK with CSS and HTML (mainly thanks to my good friend Ben Martin) and I can muddle my way through Flash but it usually ends up being a fight against the program to the detriment of the actual design (you shoulda seen the crap I ended up handing in for one of my uni projects. Ashamed isn’t even the word!). The big enchilada for me at the moment is PHP/MySQL, mainly because it’s something I’ve been meaning to tackle for ages, but I just never get any time…

Been looking at junior designer jobs some of which I reckon I’d have a good chance of getting now if I went for them, but I made a promise to myself that I’d stick out uni until at least the end of year two (the third year is optional). I’d like to do more web work to be honest. My current job is mainly print based, which is great. I get to work on some pretty cool stuff and there’s only myself and Ben designing so we’ve got our own little micro department, but I really enjoy the web work I do out of work hours. I’m finishing off a site for a little organisation within the University of Derby which will possibly lead to at least two other jobs (and some sorely needed £££).

Just got set my four uni projects as well this week, two of which look really interesting and the other two are assignment based, so it’ll be late nights in front of Word (or InDesign if I feel particularly anti-Microsoft!) checking word counts and spellings. Joyous.

Anyway, that was a load of rambling guff. Hope you’re all well.